4 Best Uses for Composite Fencing

There is much to be said for the versatility of composite fencing, for your yard and home. There are any number of things that composite materials can do for you that other building materials can not. As an example, this type of fencing material does not require the additional upkeep that traditional fencing requires, as it is a compression of wood and plastic, which decreases the need for repairs and steady maintenance. This type of fencing does cost a little more in the initial buying price, however you make up for this cost in the longevity of the fence material, that can stand up to the elements better than traditional wood. This reduces repair and maintenance costs in the short and long term, as most traditional wooden fences need regular upkeep to remain functional.

Covering External Air Units

You can use composite fencing to cover or conceal your outdoor air units, such as air conditioner units or other external hardware that may be an eyesore to your yard. As it is made of composite material, it can handle the changes in temperature, and humidity without becoming weak from exposure to the elements. You can get it in a variety of colors to match your home or garage, and it is easy to install. The colors of the fence can be chosen to blend it into your landscaping, to help hide ugly mechanical devices that may be sitting in your yard in plain view.


Some like to use this attractive composite fencing to build a very controllable compost pile in their backyard or garden. There is nothing better, as the material does not react like wood to moisture, dirt or bugs. You can build a nice compost with this material that matches and blends in with your backyard garden while providing the functionality of good compost soil. The extended exposure to compost as it is breaking down, exposure to bugs and worms and environmental moisture has less of an effect on composite materials.

Privacy Fencing

You can get composite fencing in prefabricated heights and lengths that can be used to help give privacy to your yard. You can use it to conceal one side of your home, or even shelter your pool from the street view. The material is pricier than normal fence as it has more resistance to outside influences of weather and environmental changes, that can normally bend or crack wood. The privacy fencing can be installed on or around wet areas, without fear of mold and rot, as it has a harder, less porous surface, for mold and mildew to grab and grow on.

Waste Concealment

You can also use the composite fencing to cover up trash dumpsters, and other garbage collection units to conceal them from the view of your yard as well. The fencing holds up well to environmental changes and requires very little maintenance once it is installed. There are many traditional uses, where a normal wooden fence might rot or break over time, where the composite fencing will keep on going without added upkeep and maintenance.