4 Best Uses for Maple Lumber

Red leaf maple tree
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Maple lumber is a popular choice for many carpentry and furnishing projects. It is, as the name suggests, sourced from maple trees and is usually classified as hard maple and soft maple. One of the advantages of using maple lumber is that it can be used for a variety of projects. Moreover, once the project is completed, the end result ensures maximum quality, both in terms of sturdiness and appearance.

Another advantage of maple lumber is that its appearance makes it usable with both traditional, heavy designs as well as light, edgy modern ones. Also, while hard maple lumber can provide an up-market solution (for example, for molding), soft maple creates a similar effect for much less.

There are many uses for maple, such as making furniture, cabinets, decorative woodwork, flooring, boxes, utensils, and even musical instruments. Listed below are the four best uses for maple lumber.

1. Maple Cabinets

wood cabinets and shelves with white bowls

The most common and popular use of maple lumber is to make cabinets with it. Using hard maple for cabinetry helps produce a range of high-end cabinet units. Maple lumber is known for its lasting durability and high-end appearance.

It comes in an elegant natural light color and has very little grain, both of which make it very easy to color (and stain) the cabinets to suit your décor needs. In addition, by using maple lumber trims, you can add decorative features to the unit. If you are looking for the perfect, elegant cabinetry solution, maple cabinets are ideal.

2. Maple Flooring

Maple lumber is an excellent flooring solution for both homes and offices; it is not only beautiful to look at, but also extremely durable. What makes maple lumber floors so popular is that along with strength, they have naturally limited grains, and this means they can be customized in any manner.

Maple flooring is also resistant to daily wear and tear; the floor is not easily dented or scratched. Furthermore, by opting for engineered maple flooring, you can add to the life of the floor.

Engineered maple flooring refers to a process that involves installing the floors by adding layers of maple to a base layer of plywood. By doing this, you increase both insulation and durability. It helps the floors limit damage from seasonal variations, thereby reducing the number of squeaks or cracks between boards.

3. Maple Molding

maple moulding

Like maple flooring, maple moldings are a popular addition to most interior décor plans. Along with ceilings and cabinets, maple moldings are also utilized in baseboard molds and door moldings. Maple moldings provide structural security to the room and also enhance the look of the interiors. In addition, maple lumber is durable, lasting more than a lifetime.

4. Maple Utensils and Countertops

Maple lumber is also used to make several kitchen components, including utensils and countertops. Since maple lumber is durable, it does not get damaged or altered through constant use.

Hence, you end up with good-looking utensils and countertops that can be used for a long period of time. Some of the popular maple lumber products include baskets, bowls, cutting boards, boxes, and other similar objects.