4 Best Uses for Marine Solar Panels 4 Best Uses for Marine Solar Panels

Marine solar panels can be used on different boat sizes, though only on boats that make use of electricity. These panels help keep batteries charged and in lighting up the boat. In fact, they can also be used to provide power to appliances and to receptacles as well as to help with navigation/fish finder electronic instruments. Without any doubt, solar panels are a great way to power up and keep a boat supplied with all its electricity needs.

Marine solar panels are able to tap the solar energy which is then converted into AC/DC power. These panels are similar to normal ground based panels but the difference lies in the operating environment.

Integrating into Different Boating Styles

Whether the power is required to keep a cruiser, trawler or yacht humming with activity, the right marine solar panels can, when integrated into particular boating styles, help light up the boat and keep all its instruments powered up. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that attachments and wiring is done to the best marine standards.

Maintenance Charging

For those who live on the boat or who need to frequently anchor their boats, it is important to maintain a floating charge that will ensure that batteries are always topped up and in this way ensures not experiencing power shortages.

Augmenting Onboard Systems that Need Recharging

Regardless of the type of boat that makes use of marine solar panels, it is important to ensure that all onboard small sized appliances and vital electronics are amply powered up. Marine solar panels can certainly help generate sufficient power to keep the electronic instruments and other smaller sized appliances fully powered up.

Provides Primary Charging to Vessels

Cruisers, trawlers and even sailboats generally do not have generators or auxiliary power sources. Using marine solar panels can help resolve the issue of lack of auxiliary power by using them (solar panels) along with battery banks. Doing so will help ensure that the batteries are provided enough energy to help provide required electricity through use of an intermediate power inverter that converts raw energy (DC) into AC power. This means that it is possible to power up 12 volt lighting systems, various appliances, navigation systems and various electronic appliances such as satellites, televisions, computers and radios.

Charging Wireless Electronics

Marine solar panels are able to charge wireless electronics as well as laptops, satellite phones, cell phones, GPS and PDA as well as internal batteries. In addition, they can also charge all Lithium and NiCad as well as NiMh batteries. These panels can also help in recharging batteries for a GPS and portable gaming system as well as boom boxes and even camping lanterns.

The bottom line is that marine solar panels of different capacities can provide power for not only different types and sizes of boats, but will also charge up various important items of electronic equipment as well. They are cost effective, easy to install and will ensure that the boat always has sufficient electricity under all conditions. 

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