4 Best Ways to Lighten Cool Colors

Lots of those who are renovating their interior spaces know about using cool colors for specific style and mental association with a space. Lightening up cooler hues like indigo or forest green can make rooms look more open and inviting. Here are some easy ways to turn the dial up on cool colors.

Add White to Paint

This remedy is one that homeowners might think of first when they are changing the color palette for a space. Adding white will slowly make darker colors come alive as lighter, brighter tones.

Using Artistic Flourishes

Often, adding customized paint schemes can help light a dark color. In some cases, this might be as easy as painting a kind of “wainscoting strip” across the middle of a cooler tone. In other cases, adding staggered shapes like white “clouds” in a blue room can make the cool color look a lot lighter.

Layering Paints

Some decorators might add a translucent layer of paint over a cooler shade of blue or some other darker color. This can make a wall or space pop and brighten up the overall design.

Changing Lighting

In many cases, all it takes to lighten up a cool color scheme is a new light fixture. Homeowners often play with lighting when they are done painting a space in order to fine-tune a color concept.