4 Black Home Decor Ideas 4 Black Home Decor Ideas

Homeowners often imagine that any kind of interior home improvements must involve color schemes, but in fact white and black home decor can provide sophisticated and elegant accents for any room. Home decorating is not just about color, and finding paints that don't clash. It can also be about matching black and white effects to give a sensation of drama. Experts suggest that any room will benefit from being given a little touch of black home decor.

1. Using Black in Home Decoration

Black is the universal color of sophistication and elegance. It's also a home decor color that can ground a room without causing negative effects. Black will demand attention of any guest, but that doesn't mean that you should take a leaf out of the heavy metal fan's home decor book. Keep your black understated and eye-catching, and you're sure to make a big impression on anyone visiting your home.

2. Using Black in the Living Room

Because black is so sophisticated, it should be used very minimally throughout a room. In a living room, for example, it can be used in lamp shades or light-fittings, the trim of a rug, or in the color of furnishings. A vase full of black flowers on the fireplace can also create a feeling of excitement, and is a powerful talking point. Use the black color to highlight any features you particularly want guests to notice. A black frame around a colorful picture, for example, or a black hanging behind an elegant statue.

3. Using Black and White

White and black home decor is one of those designs that never goes out of style. Black and white can be used to accentuate other colors, for example in the French Country style, and can also be used in contemporary home decorating. In fact, it would be relatively easy to decorate your entire home, just using the combinations of black and white. You can decorate a kitchen in black and white using checkered tiles on the floor, and then using white kitchen cabinets and a black marble or granite surface. White tiles with a black surround are perfect for the kitchen walls, and you can also use black stencil paints on a white tile background.

4. Black Home Decor and Color

Decorating an entire house in white and black home decor would be quite mind-numbing after a while, so another solution to this is to add color accents to a black and white room. A pink or gold cushion against a black leather chair, for example, or red utensils in your black and white kitchen. In white and black home decor, color can be used to accentuate particular areas of the room. You can also use metals to add a touch more glamour and seriousness to your white and black home decor, although you should be careful about going down a 70s cul-de-sac (if you use silver candlesticks, for example, avoid an animal-print rug). Use silver against black for a startling effect, but not too much gold-and-white, as this has become unfashionable.

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