4 Brick Patio Design Ideas

If you are looking to improve your living space by building a patio, then consider choosing a brick patio design. Bricks are sold in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Add in the many different designs you can use and the possibilities for a unique, elegant addition to your home are endless. Here is a list of 4 brick patio design ideas to get you started.

1. Stacked Bond

The stacked bond brick design is the easiest pattern to use and–if you are not using a diagonal pattern–requires very little cutting. What you are doing is laying the bricks either all vertically or all horizontally so the joints line up, essentially stacking them. A diagonal pattern will require custom cuts for the borders.

2. Running Bond

Like the stacked bond, the bricks in this design all go in the same direction. The main difference is the joints don't all line up. For example, say you have 3 rows of bricks. In the second row, the narrow ends of the bricks butt against each other and the joint will be in the middle of the bricks of the first and third rows. You continue to alternate the rows in this pattern until you have entirely filled the space. You are likely to need some half bricks to complete the patio. The running bond brick patio design can be easily adapted to allow for gentle curves.

3. Basket Weave

The basket weave brick patio design is more difficult than the stack bond or running bond, but it still is simple enough that most beginning to intermediate level DIYers can follow the pattern. Once again the amount of bricks you will have to cut should be minimal. When it is time to lay the brick the first row will go like this from left to right: 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks vertically, 2 bricks horizontally, 2 bricks vertically, and so on until you get to the end of the row. The next row will begin with 2 bricks vertically and then 2 bricks horizontally, continuing this pattern until the end of the row. For the third row use the pattern from the first row and use the pattern from the second row for the fourth. Alternate the rows in this fashion until you have filled the entire space. The brick patio should look like the over-under pattern of a simple basket.

4. Herringbone

Herringbone is one of the most popular brick patio designs as well as being one of the most complicated. Many cuts are often required to make this pattern fit your space. To complete this brick patio design, start off by laying the bricks in the first row in this order from right to left: first a half brick, then a whole brick placed horizontally, and finally a whole brick placed vertically. For the second row you will fill in the gaps between the vertical bricks from the previous row, 1 horizontal and then 1 vertical. For the following rows keep laying the bricks in the gaps (1 horizontal, then 1 vertical) until you have filled your space and achieved a zigzag pattern.