4 Changing Table Alternatives

A changing table is a necessity when you have a baby. You need somewhere safe to change diapers that has to be at a good height in order to save stress on your back. It also has to be padded for your baby and needs to be in a safe place where your baby won’t be able to roll off and injure himself. Think outside the box a little and you won’t need to spend money on a changing table that only has a single use.

1. Desk

A desk can make a good changing table, as long as it’s well adapted. The height is right for changing diapers although the desk should have raised edges on three or even four sides to stop the baby rolling off. If you can find a desk with a shelf underneath, this is even better as it offers a good place to store diapers and wipes which are the most common things you’ll need when changing a baby.

Your desk changing table shouldn’t be old dry wood. It needs to have a smooth finish and there should be a hard shell on it, such as polyurethane. Put a thick, large changing pad on the desktop for the comfort of the baby.

2. Changing Pad

As wonderful as a changing table is, a changing pad can be far more useful. It means you don’t have to dash through the house to the nursery and the changing table every time your baby needs changing. You might well have one in your diaper bag already to use when you’re out. Why not use it inside the house, too?

You can simply change the baby wherever you are; on the table, on the bed or just anywhere that’s handy. It offers you a lot more freedom since you’re no longer tied to the changing table and you’ll also be more ready and confident to head out with your baby to explore the world together!

3. Dresser

Depending on its height, a dresser can make an excellent changing table. Most dressers will have surrounds to protect your baby as you’re doing the changing. The drawers are perfect storage spots for those diapers, lotions, wipes and all the other things you need for baby changing. Make sure there’s a good changing pad on top and that it won’t slip (double edged tape is excellent for this).

The good thing about using dressers is that they can be used later for their original purposes once your children grow. This translates to long-term savings on furniture which can be important when you’re on a budget.

4. Floor

Although it’s not ideal, you can use a changing pad on the floor as an alternative to a changing table. This might be good for the baby as even rolling off the changing pad won’t cause injury. However, it's not so good for you because you’ll need to kneel or crouch to change the diaper. This is more of an alternative to be used when it's absolutely necessary rather than a permanent changing station.