4 Cheap and Chic Headboard Styles

When it comes to outfitting a bedroom with furnishings on a budget, the headboard for a bed can be a major expense item. However, a lot of households are getting around some of this cost by applying creative ideas to their bed frames, especially the headboard which is often the centerpiece of the bed itself. Taking advantage of some good cost-cutting ideas for stylish and visually appealing headboards can help limit your furniture costs and boost the home design appeal of your bedroom set.

1. Old Brass Bed

With all of the new wood and composite material designs on the market, some people are forgetting about the simple appeal of the old brass headboard. With the right shopping techniques, and access to some lower cost vintage markets, the brass headboard doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Look for a cheap, pre-owned headboard and frame at your local trading shops.

2. Door Type Headboards

Another headboard idea that is all the rage right now is the idea of using a door or set of doors to make a headboard for a bed. With all of the vintage door designs floating around, including some with authentic old glass or other neat accessories, making a door into a headboard can be a real winner for promoting a unique design while cutting costs. The hardest part of this project often involves fixing the frame parts into the repurposed door. It’s also important to look at any need for lead paint abatement or other fixes to make a previously outdoor installation fit a bedroom space.

3. Solid Piece Headboards

Sometimes, a solid piece for a headboard can come with a lower cost. Those who are experienced in shopping for furniture know that items are many times priced by their complexity. More parts means more design and crafting, which bumps up the price. Choosing a solid piece of found materials for a headboard can give your budget a break, while still offering a neat and visually appealing result. A large single piece of timbered wood is one option. Other single piece installations may be fashioned from obsolete industrial materials or even office furniture.

4. Hand-painted Designs

Another way to boost the value of your headboard is to get a simple, unadorned wooden headboard and spruce it up with hand-painted borders or other designs. Lots of how-to magazines are featuring these homemade headboard types, for use in a specific style or theme for a bedroom. Doing the hand-painting yourself saves you a lot of money and allows you to customize your furniture in a specific ways that you want, for example, in a nursery theme or deliberately styled bedroom set up.

All of the above choices can make your life easier when you’re looking to upgrade or outfit a bedroom space, with the best furniture and decorations possible. When it’s time to buy for a bedroom, use your imagination, and you could be cashing in on a much better way to improve your own interior design.