4 Child Safety Locks for Your Home

Child safety locks are great for keeping your child away from a specific area of your home. Children are highly curious and you need to protect items that you do not want them getting their hands on. There are a variety of different locks you can use for different things. It's important to know the basics about each so you can install the correct lock on the appropriate piece of furniture.

Magnet Locks

Magnet locks are superb for being discreet about your house. These are small white pieces of plastic, which you can attach anywhere on the inside of a cabinet door. They are self adhesive and the large sticky pad is also magnetic. You can open a door with this lock by using a magnetic key. This key will slide the locking part of the lock across and out of a latch, which will allow the door to be opened freely. The main advantage of this lock is that it cannot be seen and is discrete. The main disadvantage of this lock is that it is not the strongest lock you will ever come across. It will also be possible to use brute force to open this door with this lock. However, a child will not have the force needed.

Refrigerator Locks

Refrigerator locks are extremely popular and widely accessible. They come in a very basic form, which allows a plastic latch to fit around a small plastic circle. This will stop a child from yanking open the fridge door and eating food they shouldn't eat or making a mess they shouldn't make. The main pro of this lock is its simplicity. They are self adhesive so they can simply be placed where appropriate. The main con of a fridge lock is also the strength issue. They may also need replacing from time to time due to damage where the child has been pulling against the fridge door.

Cabinet Slide Locks

Cabinet slide locks are exactly how they sound. These locks are small plastic locks, which commonly fit around the handles on a cabinet and stop them from being pulled to open the cabinet. They are very simple and easy to install on many small cabinets around the home. The main pro of this lock is that they allow you to quickly secure a cabinet. They offer immediate and strong protection because they do not require screws or other equipment to be installed. The main con of this lock is that they look ugly. This can spoil the look or finish of the cabinet on which you are using the lock.

DVD Shields

DVD shields can be placed in front of a DVD player in order to stop children putting random objects inside your DVD player. They will commonly come in plastic and standard sizes. This standard size will let you clip the shield onto the front of a normal DVD player for easy installation. This shield will stop an expensive DVD or video player from becoming ruined by the curious nature of a child. However, they also play to this curiousness. The large plastic shield will intrigue a child and may almost seem like a challenge to remove.