4 Common Causes Of a Low Brake Pedal

It’s scary when someone gets into a car to drive it and the pedal goes down all the way to the floor, but a low brake pedal can often be fixed without too much trouble. Here are some of the common causes of a low brake pedal:

1. Fluid Leak or Air in the System

If there’s a problem with brake fluid, this can lead to a lower brake pedal when the fluid doesn’t compress as it should. Some mechanics cite air in the brake system as a potential cause of a low brake pedal.

2. Worn Brake Linings

Excessively worn brake linings can also cause a brake pedal to go nearer toward the floor. These should be checked at the recommended service intervals or when brakes are changed.

3. Master Cylinder Problems

Some experts claim that mechanics overdiagnose the master cylinder for brake pedal issues, but problems with the master cylinder can cause a low brake pedal or other braking issues.

4. Lack of Adjustment

Whether it’s disc or drum brakes, a lack of correct adjustment between parts can cause a low brake pedal. Some mechanics might recommend replacing hardware on brakes in order to help the brakes to adjust and work properly.

Keep all of these possible brake problems in mind and take your vehicle to a professional shop at the first sign of brake trouble in order to protect yourself and your investment in your vehicle, as well as others on the road.