4 Common Causes of Interior Door Frame Damage 4 Common Causes of Interior Door Frame Damage

Interior door frames see some of the most heavy use in a household, but are often overlooked for damage. Most door frames have simple easy fixes which can be done in a day or quick weekend. Simple signs of damage often don't seem worthy of repair at first, but can quickly become worse forcing a major repair later. By checking door frames for damage, time and money can be saved in the long run.

Door Jamb Damage occurs when the boards supporting the door jam become marred, chewed, or split. Often this can easily happen when moving furniture or if a pet chews at the door.

Door Trim Damage happens when the cosmetic boards around the door jam become cracked and begin to split. Often frequently slammed doors can result in trim board damages.

Door Frame Corner Damage is another problem which can happen from frequent slamming, but is often the result of quick or improper installation and misplacement of screws.

Door Frame Rot to either the jamb, trim or frame wood is common in bathrooms and interior garage doors of older houses which many have had longtime recurring to moisture. If not properly sealed, the condensation can quickly accumulate and begin to rot the frame out.


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