4 Common Gas Furnace Problems

Gas furnace problems are a hindrance to the efficiency of your heater. A gas furnace draws in cold air, which it then cleans using an air filter. The furnace heats the air using a gas burner. The warm air is then distributed throughout the house by means of a blower motor. Once the heated air has cooled down in the various rooms, it is drawn back into the furnace through return air grills. Another cycle of heating takes place. Below are 4 common problems you may experience with your gas furnace.

No Heat

Lack of heat may be associated to closed valves or the thermostat. Sometimes the propane or gas valve may close during operations. This inhibits a regular flow of fuel into the furnace needed to heat up air. If you detect closed valves, simply open them up again. If the thermostat setting is not correct or its not working, the furnace will yield no heat. The thermostat should always be in heat mode with the right temperature setting. A failed thermostat needs to be replaced. Lack of heat may also be linked to a blown fuse. This needs to be replaced.

Blower Does Not Turn Off

A blower that runs continuously could be connected to a thermostat setting or a faulty fan. Check the thermostat fan setting. If its set at “continuous” you need to adjust it so that it takes a break. This will enable the blower to turn off when necessary. The other possibility is that the control switch on the fan may be faulty. This needs to be replaced to allow the blower to turn off.

Frequent On-Off Activity

A gas furnace is designed to turn on and off during operations. The system works this way in its heating and cooling operations. However, frequent on-off action signals a problem with some component in the system. Check the thermostat, belt and blower motor. Thermostat problems can usually be corrected through minor adjustments in the setting. You may detect a worn out belt. This has to be replaced. Belt tension may also be too tight or too loose. Adjust it accordingly. Blower motor ports need to be lubricated at all times. When they become dry, it affects blower efficiency. This can cause furnace on-off activity. A dirty air filter can also cause frequent on-off activity. Replace the filter if dirty.

Noisy Operations

Various unusual noises may be heard while the furnace is working. A rumbling sound may be heard if the pilot light is not properly set. Rumbling may also be indicative of a dirty gas burner. Adjust the pilot light to the correct setting. A dirty gas burner needs to be cleaned or replaced. A qualified professional will ascertain what to do. A high pitched nose may indicate a problem with the belt or motor. Adjust belt settings to the correct tension. It is best to replace a frayed belt to improve efficiency. Be sure to lubricate blower motor ports to enhance smooth operations.