4 Common Portable Heat Pump Problems to Avoid

There are many reasons to have a portable heat pump in your home. It is extremely convenient, and can be moved from room to room easily through the use of the wheels, or by carrying it in hand. As it is portable, this means that you only need to use it in the room that you are currently occupying, meaning that you will also save energy, and cut your fuel bill. If you already have a portable heat pump, then you should be aware that despite its ease of use and convenience, there are some common problems which can affect the portable heat pump, which you should avoid as best you can.

Air Filter Comes Clogged

The air filter in the portable heat pump can be easily clogged by dirt and other types of debris, and that the air filter cannot release the air to the outside as easily as possible. The problem here means that heat will be reduced in the amount that can be sent through the pipes and into the room. Heat may also build up behind the filter, so your pump will get hotter and hotter. You can easily avoid this by changing the filters regularly. You could, if you chose, clean the used filter and keep it for then you next need to swap over the air filters.

Refrigerant Becomes Old

If you keep using the same old refrigerant in your portable heat pump, you will find that the heat produced by the pump becomes unstable, and even difficult to manage. The reason for this is that refrigerant ages, and can become "claggy" and difficult to move around the coil, and it can also evaporate away, leaving you with too little refrigerant in your pump. Avoid this problem by changing your refrigerant regularly, at least every 6 months or so. Remove the old refrigerant, and then replace it with fresh versions of the liquid.

Heat Pump Becomes Dirty

If you want to get the best out of your heater, take care to clean it regularly, and remove it from areas where it could get dirty, for example during carpet cleaning, or drilling and other activities which produce lot of dust. What you should do it vacuum the pump regularly, and wipe down the internal parts with a dust cloth. You may also choose to wipe down the filters inside the pump, although you will still need to change them every so often.

Wheel Breaks

As with other things with wheels, the portable heat pump is very vulnerable in this area. You could get the best out of your wheels by treating them carefully, and moving the pump gently across the floor, but once the wheels are a few years old, you will need to fix them by replacing the wheel completely. You can get similar wheels from radio car hobby shops, or from toy makers, and then all that you need to do is to screw them in tightly.