4 Common Tomato Plant Pests

The tomato plant is susceptible to many pests that can damage or even destroy the fruit or the entire tomato plant.

1. Aphids

Aphids are very common to find on a tomato plant. They can be green or black, with wings or without and you’ll find them under the leaves of the tomato plant. If left alone you’ll end up with a stunted plant. They can be picked off or removed with insecticidal soap.

2. Blister Beetles

Blister beetles are a type of beetle that arrive in July or August and eat the leaves of the tomato plant. You can pick them off, but you need to wear gloves to do so, or you can use pyrethrin.

3. Tomato Hornworm

One of the worst pests to hit the tomato plant is the tomato hornworm. They’re a kind of caterpillar with a horn at one end that eats the leaves and will also bit green tomatoes. They begin by feeding on the leaves then disappear into the soil to pupate. The simplest way to eliminate the hornworm is by picking the insects off the leaves.

4. Stink Bugs

Unsurprisingly, stink bugs smell. As they suck sap from the plant you end up with malformed fruit. You can control the stink bug by using sabadilla.