4 Common Water Softener System Problems

A water softener system is invaluable to anyone with hard water. However, a hard water system can develop problems. These can create health worries for those living in the properties so it is vital to take care of the problems as they occur. Remember, a water softener system is a complex piece of equipment and needs to be treated gently and with respect. Many problems can be simply treated without paying a technician.

Health Problems

Sodium problems are the most common thing you’re likely to encounter with a water softener system. An excess of salt isn’t good for the body, especially for those with high blood pressure. As sodium is a vital part of a water softening system it can lead to salt in the softened water which finds its way into the body. You could get a bypass pipe for drinking water to avoid excess salt in the drinking water.

Water Softener Not Working Properly

There are several possible causes that could result in the water softener system not working properly. Some of these are quite simple to resolve. The first step is to flush the tank in the water softener system. This will allow you to see whether more salt needs to be added to the system. If necessary, add more salt and then refill the tank.

If the motor in the water softener system isn’t working, try initially checking that it’s plugged in and that the unit is switched on. Also check the circuit breaker to discover whether it’s been tripped. This might seem like very basic advice, but all too often the problems and solutions are simpler. If there really is a motor problem it’s best to have it taken care of by a professional.

Brine Line

Problems with the brine line occur fairly regularly with water softener systems. Begin to solve this by flushing the brine line. When doing this it’s important to look at the injector and the filter screen, replacing them if any defects or problems in them are discovered.

The lines should be checked for breaks or damage that can affect the pressure in the lines as a particular pressure has to be maintained in order for brine line to work efficiently. That pressure will be listed in your owner’s manual as well as how to adjust the temperature. The brine line is a vital part of the water softener system, so ensuring it’s kept at the correct pressure will help the system work well.

Iron Content

There’s a limit to the iron content that should be in the water of a water softener system. When that happens it’s necessary to start by checking the filter. It’s quite possible that you’ll need to replace that filter. Take time, too, to look at the position of the bypass valve. When this happens you should also look at the plumbing lines to be certain there are no leaks.