4 Concrete Spalling Repair Tips

Concrete spalling repair may appear to be a small project, especially if the spalled area is small. But don't be fooled. Spalled concrete is caused by conditions that will eventually affect the entire concrete project, not just individual portions where you first see peeling. In time, the entire concrete surface will peel. But repairing spalled concrete is no piece of cake. There are factors you should know about before you decide to repair your spalled concrete. Here are 4 useful tips.

Repair the Total Surface

Once you detect spalling, begin preparing to repair the entire concrete area. It will only be a matter of time until more of it peels.

Remove the Old Concrete Surface

When repairing your spalled concrete, remove the entire surface. Usually, it's ½ inch to 1 inch deep.

Roughen the Surface to be Primed

If you have a smooth surface after you have removed the top layer, you'll need to roughen it. Otherwise the primer you apply may not adhere properly. To roughen it, use a machine grinder or acid etching.

Fill Pockets

Fill with patching compound any pockets left from removing your concrete. Allow the patching compound dry before applying your primer