4 Creative Boat Window Tinting Options

Here are four creative boat window tint options that will have your boat the talk of the town and the water. Window tinting on boats has other benefits besides making your vessel the best looking thing around. Because there is no shade out on the water, tint helps block UV rays from your skin as well as protect the finished and wood inside your boat.

Option #1: Mirror Tint

Apply this type tint to your boat especially if you have a lot of ports. This type tint is great for reflecting heat and is going to make your boat stand out from the rest.  

Option #2: Etched Designs

If you are a good artist, you will be able to etch designs in your tint that provide an attractive look to your boat's windows. Be careful not to rip the tint as you are cutting out your designs.

Option #3: Color Tint

To give your boat that "show" ready look, coordinate the color of your tint to the color scheme of your boat. This is an appearance that is sure to catch many eyes when you're out on the water.

Option #4: Fade to Mirror Tint

This type tint has been an attention getter on passenger cars. You can now apply this tint to your boat windows. This look will draw a fan club to your boat instantly.