4 Creative Doll Dress Patterns

Creative doll dress patterns can make any 12-inch to 18-inch doll into an heirloom, a fun toy for little girls to play with, or for collecting by adults. Learn more about these 4 styles of creative doll dress patterns to create your own unique memorabilia doll.

18th Century and American Revolution

Doll dress patterns feature ruffled caps, long sleeves gathered at shoulder and wrist, and wide flounced skirts with waistbands. Add a dark blue or black sash at the waist. Use a dark denim or cotton canvas for the skirt and white cotton for the top.

19th Century

Early 19th century dress patterns highlight the empire waist. Sew these patterns in dimity, cotton broadcloth and linen. Mid to late 19th Century dresses feature long skirts over hoops, which are easy to recreate with thin bamboo rods, fitted jackets and blouses with stiff collars up to the chin. Use fabrics like velvet, silk, and brocade.

Early 20th Century

The Edwardian period has more slender skirts that fall to the ankle. Huge hats are the trademark style of this era.


Make a flapper dress with a drop waist and hem just to the knees for your doll. Add a cloche hat or a jeweled headband.

Find Patterns

Search "heirloom doll dress patterns" online. Shops that sell miniature furnishings often carry doll dress patterns.