4 Creative Headboard Ideas

A rustic style headboard sits behind a bed.

On a design budget? Try some creative headboard ideas for a fresh addition to a bedroom. More and more people are designing their own headboards to fill their bedroom with personality, vibrancy, and variety. There are endless options available, and your only limits are the size of the wall behind the top of the bed and your imagination.

1. Use Artwork

Consider implementing a well-loved piece of art as part of your idea. Bright and colorful artwork will look incredible situated at the head of a bed and can do double duty as a focal point in the room.

To maintain aesthetic perfection, make sure that the width of the painting is lesser than or equal to the width of the bed frame. This way, the painting will be recognized as a headboard rather than just looking like a low-hanging picture. If your rooms are high-walled, you could try and integrate a painting at the same height as the bed. This will provide a spectacular showpiece for the bedroom. For a finishing touch, use minimal picture lights around the top of the piece to accentuate the space and provide ambient lighting.

2. Go Rustic

A drfitwood headboard

Using weathered wood and architectural remnants is a growing trend in home decor. The scope for this type of headboard design is endless and extends to any type of salvaged wood piece from old fence slats to old doors. Visit auctions or estate sales to find architectural remnants or unused wood from old houses and buildings. Hang whatever you can find horizontally above the bed to create a space that looks rustic and chic at the same time.

3. Construct a Frame and Cover It

You can build a simple wood frame for your headboard and cover it with a variety of fabric materials, from leather to canvas or simple cotton. Make sure before you staple the fabric to the wood frame that you attach upholstery padding first, which will make the headboard comfortable to rest against. If you want to take this project a step further, you can make basic slipcovers for the frame out of different fabrics, allowing you to frequently and easily clean the covers, as well as switch them out according to your mood.

4. Hang Fabrics

Curtain headboard

You can also hang fabric as a headboard to add warmth, coziness, and texture to the bedroom. Simply hang a rug, heirloom blanket, or a wide piece of fabric on the wall so that it rests behind the bed. Or for a more refined look, attach a curtain rod to the wall above the bed and hang curtains from it, or simply drape fabric over the rod. This option also makes it easy to change fabric with the seasons or as your room decor evolves.

The most important thing to remember when designing a headboard is to not limit your imagination to what you see in catalogs. Take pride in your creativity and produce something that suits you and your bedroom.