4 Creative Ideas for a Coat Rack

A coat rack is a very utilitarian piece of equipment. We pile coats, scarves and hats onto them without thinking about it and that’s about it! We rarely consider a coat rack as being especially decorative. However, there are a number of ways you can make a coat rack blend into your home décor or to make it stand out. All you have to do is be creative in your thinking.

1. Enhance Your Coat Rack

If your coat rack is in the hall, why not make it more of a piece of furniture by adding a bench and a shoe rack in the same design? This way, you can create a unified theme that guests will see upon entering your home and it shows them you’ve put thought into every room of your house.

Additionally, this idea makes the entire area more practical. Not only can people hang coats there, but they can sit and remove their dirty shoes. If you choose to use a deacon bench, you will also have more storage room. This is always a positive thing as most homes never seem to have enough storage space.

If the furniture in your hall matches that in your living room, it helps to create a link between rooms that brings the whole house together. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary design.

2. Large Foyers

If you only have a coat rack in a large foyer area, the space is going to look very empty. As well as adding a bench and shoe rack, bring in a table for your mail or maybe some plants to fill out and decorate the space.

This will make the foyer seem warmer and more welcoming to your visitors and will transform it into a space that’s equally practical and visually appealing.

3. Crazy Coat Racks

You can unleash your creativity on a coat rack by using unusual items as the hooks. They can be grotesque, such as the limbs of dolls, or something very retro like hooks topped with colored balls. You can even use hooks that slide out of the coat rack. This way, you can make the hallway or foyer into a fun place. Paint the surrounding walls in bright colors and put a bright, washable floor in the room. This can be perfect for a family with young children where it can seem like an extension of the playroom.

Look in magazines and come up with your own ideas for coat racks. The hooks could be spaced in a pattern around the wall at different heights (which can be important if you have small children). Use different materials such as plastic or metal.

Use the Space

If your entryway is small, you can still have a coat rack there; you just have to use the space well.

Instead of a horizontal coat rack, you could choose to put it in at an angle or to even make it vertical. The rack will look different but it will still be practical and you’ll be taking advantage of the limited space available. You can even use the side facing of a door frame as a coat rack if nothing else is available. Just think outside the box when making plans.