4 Creative Picnic Table Plans

A picnic table represents a way for a family to gather outside as a group enjoying each others' company, and there are many picnic table plans available. When it comes down to it, a picnic table is a fairly simple design that can become as complex as you like, depending on what you want it to look like. Read on to learn about several creative picnic table plans and ideas you can attempt on your own.

1. Barn Wood Picnic Table

Picnic table plans that you find will all call for wood like cedar. This is great, but it also lacks uniqueness and character. Any plan can be adjusted to use barn wood instead of cedar. The end result will be incredibly rustic, charming and unique. Barn wood is very old, naturally weathered wood that has been salvaged from barns that have collapsed or have been knocked down. Most of the time, you can find this wood for free. Follow the picnic table plans as you would any other plan, but substitute the wood.

2. Gnomish Picnic Table

If you're a whimsical person who enjoys displaying fantasy-inspired ornaments in your garden like pixies or gnomes, then this style of picnic table is right up your alley. Even the smallest of woodland fantasy creatures would enjoy a place to sit and relax after a hard day. The idea behind this type of picnic table is in the size ratio. You will translate the table plans so that the measurements are 1/10 the normal size (or to whichever size you like). You can build it out of any material you like, but using barn wood or other old material will play into the whimsical nature of the picnic table. Finish it up with a light coat of paint, and stencil designs on the surface.

3. Pentagonal Picnic Table

This isn't a very common picnic table design because it can be expensive and somewhat difficult to build. When you are finished withthis type of table, you will have a total of 5 sides with a bench on each side. Attempting to build using one of these from picnic table plans will be slightly confusing, so follow them to the letter. There are 5 sides to the table with smaller boards going around until they reach the center. The finished product is beautiful and classy, offering much more space than a traditional picnic table. You can even fit an umbrella in the center for shade on sunny days.

4. Folding Picnic Table

If you don't have a lot of room in your outdoor living space, you may not want a large picnic table. There are plans available that allow you to build a picnic table that folds up for easy storage. This type of table is one of the most difficult to build, but the end result means that you can store it away in a small area until needed.