4 Deck Addition Design Ideas

When you have a deck you have a comfortable outdoor spot but that spot can be made into much more with an inspired deck addition. A deck addition, or a simpler deck treatment, can be inexpensive and quick to do but can also be very expensive and time consuming. What follows is a small list of deck addition ideas that will, hopefully, get your creative juices flowing to creating your own deck addition or deck treatment designs.

Idea #1 - Garden Pathway

Just because you have a deck does not mean you have a large enough backyard to plant a garden of half a pathway. This deck addition is a simple concept. The first thing you do is frame out the deck with lumber to create a wall an inch or two high all around the deck. Lay down slate pavers as you would in the garden then fill the area with gravel. You could add potted plants or seating as well as flower beds to really make it a garden.

Idea #2 - Hot Tub Hideaway

Not every deck is able to withstand the weight of a hot tub. The solution is to do a deck addition that can allow you to have a hot tub while still having a deck. Decide where you want the deck addition. Any side will work. Create a small frame the size of the hot tub plus a foot or two out of 2x4s. Use roughly four or five cross beans and then the floorboards. The more cross beams you have means the deck addition can support more weight. Purchase stairs that are already assembled and install them to the addition and to your old deck. Remove the railing to act as an opening and handle arm bars to the sides of the stairs.

Idea #3 - Tuscan Deck

You can capture the beauty of Tuscany right on your own deck. Take a measurement of the deck's length and width then multiply the two to find the square footage. Purchase enough terracotta floor tiles to cover the deck. Install the tiles with caulk and seal the seams. Do not forget to cover the steps. Paint the deck a rich brown color to add to the warmth of the reddish terracotta tile. Add potted plants to the deck in clay pots and move furniture onto the deck. Choose deck furniture that is made out of wood stained to match the tiles or wrought iron.

Idea #4 - Southern Charm

Many love the charm and beauty that southern-style brings to a deck. You can achieve this by sanding the deck down to its natural color. Purchase a stain that is a soft brown tint and apply it with a rag. Remove the normal railings and posts and replace them with more traditional looking ones used on stairs. Once they are installed you would then paint them a nice white color. Wait for the paint to dry completely. Use a sponge hand sander and begin to scuff up the paint job. Remove paint around the edges and the carved trusses to make them look shabby chic.