4 Deck Arbor Design Tips 4 Deck Arbor Design Tips

A deck arbor can be a multipurpose space and may be covered with an awning, wooden slates or remain uncovered. If you are planning to decorate your deck arbor, you will have to bear in mind a few aspects such as size and shape. You will have to decide on the materials you use, but you have to make sure that the space will match your house. You will also have to choose a few adornments and furniture for your deck arbor.

Deck Arbor Size and Shape

When you are planning a deck arbor you will have to decide on its size, shape and location. The size of the deck arbor will be established according to the space you have available. The deck arbor can be built either as a separate unit or as a continuation of your house.

When planning the shape, you may stick to the basics, such as round, rectangular or semicircular. You may also become more creative and opt for a puzzle piece shape. However, bear in mind that when you opt for less common shapes, you will have to find solutions for the roof or the awning for the space. The deck arbor can be built close to the ground, or you can lift the construction and use stairs to get to it.

Deck Arbor Materials

Another important of a deck arbor is choosing the appropriate materials. Make sure the materials match the landscape surrounding it. You can opt for the traditional wood deck arbor, or you can go for the vinyl or the composite deck arbor. Wood is the most traditional choice, while composite is easier to maintain.

The deck arbor’s roof can also be made of a wide variety of materials, from canvas to wood or reeds. Using plastic sheets is also a good idea to cover the deck arbor because it protects the area from rain, while still letting the light in.

Deck Arbor Adornments

You can use all sorts of adornments to decorate your deck arbor. Plants will give the deck arbor a fresh, garden appearance. You can either hang flower pots from the deck arbor’s roof or use climbing plants.

Also, you can add lights in the deck arbor area. You can use light balls of different colors to match your deck arbor and the house, or you can go for solar spots, which are more practical and environmentally friendly. Go with multiple light sources for a more intimate atmosphere or get a larger light source in the middle of the area.

Deck Arbor Furniture 

You can install different types of furniture, depending on the purpose of your deck arbor. You can use it as a barbeque or a reading area. You can place tables, chairs, a hammock or a chaise lounge. A hot tub is also a creative idea, if the space is large enough.

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