4 Deck Garden Designs

Creating a deck garden design that is both easy to maintain and provides nice seasonal variance can be easy with the right planning. Whether you have a small deck garden or a large area to fill, there are many variances you can install that create a great ambiance for your outdoor lounging well into the cool fall nights.

Use wooden barrels, hanging baskets, large flowerpots or planter boxes to achieve a look that fits in with your deck’s décor. Glazed terra cotta planters are a great choice as they lock in moisture to prevent plants from drying out too quickly. Whatever your choice, make sure that the size of the pots matches your plants’ growing size so that they can flourish to their potential.

With all container gardening you need to make sure that your plants drain rapidly, but retain enough moisture to keep the roots moist. Use a good quality potting soil mixed with compost to supply the best nutrients for your plants.

Here are four simple deck garden design ideas that you can implement to beautify your new deck:

  1. Create a beautiful array of colors with an annual container garden. Include container hardy varieties like geraniums, marigolds, snapdragons, begonias and impatiens. Mix and match colors, plants and containers to have a really eye-catching porch design.
  2. Plant a vegetable garden in containers with quick maturing plants such as lettuce, herbs and mustard cress, as well as larger tomatoes and other fruiting vegetables like peppers and eggplant. Use 5-gallon window boxes for smaller plants and 5 gallon pots for the larger ones like tomatoes. 
  3. If you have a particularly sunny porch, try a few citrus trees and enjoy the smell of fresh fruit and the look of its glossy foliage year round. Citrus fruit trees need a long day of sun and good air circulation to thrive and produce fruit. In warm climates, they can be placed on a rolling platform and remain outdoors most of the time and rolled in when there is a threat of frost.
  4. For a look of serenity, a container garden of lilies can be a great choice. Preferring warm, well-drained soils, these are beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors to match any scheme. They must be stored indoors during the winter, but will spring back to life with little work.

Begin planning your deck garden now and have some beautiful flowers, foliage or vegetables to enjoy for the seasons to come. By combining a few different elements, you can create a relaxing and easily maintained deck garden.