4 Decorative Designs for a Fireplace Cover 4 Decorative Designs for a Fireplace Cover

There are many types of fireplace covers available in many decorative designs. A fireplace is traditionally a cozy, comfortable place where couples spend romantic evenings and friends gather together for a cup of coffee. A fireplace cover offers many benefits. It helps to spread the warmth equally in all directions. It is also a safety device that prevents flying sparks, and it adds extra decoration to the room, even when the fire is not burning. There are a wide variety of fireplace screens and covers on the market, and the type you choose should depend on the look and feel of the room and the kind of ambiance you want to create.

Multiple Paneled

One variety is the multiple paneled, metal cover that is foldable. The metal frames itself could be rectangular or arched, plain or carved. The frames are usually of polished brass or wrought iron. These could cost anywhere between $50 to !100. One could go for the gold cast aluminum frames as well with an antique look. Floral tapestry designs also lend a royal look to these fireplace covers. The screens could also be made of stainless steel or bronze, depending on the budget of the individuals and whether they want an aristocratic and antique look or a contemporary look.

Painted Fireplace Screens

In many homes, the fireplace mantel is stained or painted. Stained mantels give a translucent look against Victorian age colors and paintings; floral themes are well matched to this style. Painted screens with multiple colors will shine even brighter when a fire is lit background but look attractive even when there is no fire in the background.


Historically, traditional homemakers have used exquisite embroidery and needle work to decorate a fireplace screen; this coordinates with decorative shades and curtains that are in the home.

Customized Looks

If one wants an expensive and rich looking fireplace, a mantel made of exotic wood, such as mahogany or satinwood, and decorated with elegantly carved frames could be a great option. Painted tiles could also be used to set the look of the room. These rich features can be accented with aluminum mesh fireplaces screens which can be attached and removed from the fireplace. Mesh fireplace screens allow warmth from the blazing fire to come through without any distortions; at the same time, most of the dust and soot is screened out.

One could also place green plants at the top of the screens to add to the elegance. A flowerpot or two in front of the screen with the fire crackling in the center would also be a natural and homey sight.

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