4 Decorative Door Stop Ideas 4 Decorative Door Stop Ideas

Decorative door stops are usually not considered necessities and are often not looked upon. However, door stops are used to avoid the door from opening too far. The idea is to protect the wall from the door banging into it. The door stop acts like a guard and holds the door. Many different styles of door stops are available in the market. The range of prices and designs also vary. Some common door stops styles are discussed below.

  1. Unbending or Rigid door stops: These are very commonly found in most houses. The door stop is made using top quality brass. This is bolted on the door with a rubber angle from which the wall can be protected and shielded. This door stop, however, does not hold the door open.
  2. Magnetic door stops: These door stops use magnetic force to hold the door. They are built on the walls or below the floors. The door stop helps hold the door from slamming into the wall. This protects the wall from cracks. The installation of the door stop is relatively easy. Different weighted magnetic door stops are available for different sized doors.
  3. Hinge door stops: This door stop is great if you do not have a floorboard or decorative items. The door stop is screwed on the boundary of the door and will leave a screw in the axis of the door and not into the floorboard. A two-legged mechanism prevents the door from opening too far. Moreover, this door stop is completely adjustable.
  4. Spring or spiral door stops: This door stop uses a spring to keep the door open. The difference between a rigid door stop and this is that the former is more solid. These door stops are the cheapest and least durable. Moreover, they can be easily bent and worn off. 

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