4 Decorative Wall Molding Designs 4 Decorative Wall Molding Designs

If you do not have a lot of money but still want to spruce up your home then do so by getting creative with wall molding. When you feel that your home lacks some character you want to remedy that as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Wall molding is fairly inexpensive to purchase and is also easy to install. All that is left is for you to think outside the box and create appealing designs, additions and modifications using wall molding. The following article will share with you several ideas for using wall molding in your current home as a design centerpiece instead of being an afterthought.

1. Picture This

Sometimes trying to make a specific painting, photo or other piece of art stand out is difficult. Framing art is almost an art form all its own and can be expensive to do if you take it to a professional. The likelihood that the framing will match your design or flow naturally is slim at best. Hang the piece of art on the wall where you would like it to be positioned. Do so without it being framed. Place wall molding around the piece of art when it is in place. This solves the problem of framing a piece of art as well as making it uniform with everything else on your wall.

2. Imitation Raised Panels

If you have ever walked into old homes you will notice how walls are panels that have been assembled together. This is not something that is practiced today unless specifically requested in a new build. The style is a throwback to the turn of the century which can add a lot of character to a room or several rooms. In order to create this look you will want to add wall molding to the wall running the height of the wall. It should stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Space the wall molding pieces at least 2 feet from each other. You can paint them a color that contrasts with the wall or the same color as the wall to give an interesting 3D effect.

3. Spectacular Window Frames

Standard window frames are, without a doubt, boring and vastly unimaginable. In many cases there are just frames by pieces of lumber and painted. There is no dimension or style present with window frames. Wall molding is chunky, big and has a ton of character and comes in many styles. Replace your window frame trim with wall molding to make your windows look their best and be unique.

4. Glamour Mirror

You can buy a mirror for very little money and it will do what it is meant to do but it will not look spectacular. You can purchase mirrors that are styled and look brilliant but they will cost a small fortune. You can create your own mirror that is full of character and looks just like an expensive mirror. Create a frame around the mirror using wall molding and stain the wall molding. The mirror can easily be glued to the frame.

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