Design Ideas for Bathroom Floor Tiles

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When it comes to bathroom floor tiles, there are numerous designs to consider. You can either have an elegant designs for your floor, or a design that is basic and functional. With the ample options available, it is easy to get confused. The choice may seem daunting. Whether you are working on a tight budget or have money to burn, there is an option for you.

It is a challenge to completely redesign a bathroom from scratch. Design ideas for bathrooms are getting better and more advanced as the years progress. A bathroom used to be just somewhere to freshen up and have a wash. Nowadays it is perceived as much more than that. You should think carefully about the design. Here are a few ideas to help you along.

Design Coordination

You can match the floor tiles to the wall tiles in not only color, but also texture and design. It may not seem very original, but such a design will create a professional result. The tiles must be identical. Such a design allows you to maintain the bathroom much more easily. It will also be easier to replace damaged tiles.

Tile Materials

When planning the bathroom floor tile design, you should spend some time thinking about your choice of material. The options range from vinyl to ceramic, stone, marble, and granite. Each presents unique benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl floor tiles are easy to maintain, as you can just wipe them clean. Stone tiles create rustic appeal, but get cold in the winter months. Mosaic tiles give create a feel that is both elegant and unique.

Color Theme

Color is important in any design. Choose a color that blends will with the rest of the space. Avoid dark or bold colors that will make the space feel small. If you have a small bathroom, use light colors. Pastels are always a great choice.

Tile Size

Interesting designs can be created simply by creating size variation. By placing them at varying angles, you can create many different patterns.