4 Design Tips When Using the Double Bullnose Trim

Bullnose trim is designed to create a smooth, rounded edging for the countertops, corners of the buildings, also verandas and others. Another description of a bullnose trim is a ceramic trim created for the wall to combine with the floor. To create a more refined look and double its thickness a bullnose can be bonded together and make a 180-degrees curve. Double bullnose trim is described as a kind of tile trim which has the same curved radius on opposite sides. This article will give you some tips on how to use a double bullnose trim for your home.

The bullnose gives the tile a round edge finish, without it the ceramic clay body will protrude on the wall edges. Bullnose edges are used on stone tiles, ceramic and porcelain tiles. Such kind of tiles can be used as edge finishes of a shower, backsplash, or the top of a tile wainscoting.

Be careful in using solid colored ceramic tiles because such tiles were created on different time as compared to field tiles thus making their colors different as well and sometimes does not match. This is a proven fact on any color of glaze including white. So when installing a wall tile, thoroughly inspect a field tile first next to a bullnose tile to get a proper judgment on its different colors. If the difference in color is very apparent then you may want to get it replaced or minimized before installation.

1. Start from Small Tiling Project

Don’t be too ambitious in your double bullnose trim installation project especially when you don’t have enough knowledge and skill about it. Start from small projects to avoid extra costs on mishaps and accidents. From here on your learning about bullnose trim will go steep.

2. Do Your Research and Planning

This is a practical tip. You will need to plan and research first to get an idea on how to do the process. There are many available resources available online that will serve as your reference material. You may want to know more about installing this with the aide of videos or instructional guide, or you may want to know what type of double bullnose trims to use and purchase. After, you may proceed to do the planning with your research materials as basis for that.

3. Purchase Needed Materials Only

Get the exact measurement of the tiles to be used so you will have an accurate quantity of tiles to purchase and add additional tiles to back those that have been damaged. If this is your first time doing this project then you may need an extra amount of back-up tiles to cover for the broken tiles.

4. Enjoy the Process

This is always a learning process so don’t be too aggressive in learning all of this at once. There’s no shortcut to learning therefore you have to be patient in every step. Practice will give you the skill and knowledge in due time. Learn to appreciate the process and the result of your project is long lasting.