4 Designs for Infinity Pools

Infinity pools are one of the latest and most popular types of outdoor property additions to be developed. Unlike regular pools, infinity pools make use of natural landscaping to provide a beautiful and unique view of the surrounding area. Infinity pools contain at least one edge that has no visible wall. Water flows over from this wall and is caught in a catch basin below. It is then pumped back up into the main pool. The result is that it appears as if there is no edge to the pool. Read on for a few of the most popular designs and features of infinity pools throughout the world.

1. Waterfall Designs

Infinity pools are ideally set up for a waterfall design; the water will naturally flow over the edge of the pool and into the catch basin below. Many people augment this design by including one or more additional waterfalls leading into the pool on the opposite side of the vanishing edge. This can give the appearance that the pool is set amongst a rocky waterfall.

2. Waterslide Designs

For an alternative design, consider installing a waterslide on one end of your pool. Typically, it works best if you install the waterslide on the opposite end of the vanishing edge of the pool. This can provide people who ride on the water slide with a view of the surrounding landscape as they descend into the slide. Waterslides can make the pool an enjoyable place for children to play and spend time.

3. Unconventional Shapes

Although one end of the infinity pool must typically remain straight so that the effect of the water falling over the edge can be properly produced, the remaining sides of the pool do not necessarily have a definitive shape. You can experiment with different shape designs for your pool. Many people choose to have round pools, or pools in other unconventional shapes. Including a rounded section of the pool can be a good way to include a wading pool. Also, a hot tub within the pool setting itself can be installed in this area.

4. Multi Level Pools

Multi level infinity pools are a great choice for a home with a sloping property. This design highlights the fact that infinity pools already have a waterfall component to them to provide multiple levels in smaller pool areas. You can connect the different pools with slides, ladders or other pathways. It works as an interesting addition to any home.

All of these infinity pools are available for installation. Generally, however, the larger and more complicated the design of the pool is, the more expensive it will be to build and maintain. Consult with a pool supply and installation company for more information about the best options for your property.