4 Different Color-Themed Wedding Ideas 4 Different Color-Themed Wedding Ideas

A color-themed wedding can really show off the couple's creativity, and picking a color-themed wedding is one of the most popular of all the alternative wedding ideas. Some of the more exciting alternative wedding themes, such as psychedelic, medieval or gothic all have their foundations in the idea of a color-themed wedding.

There are many things that can be done to include your color themed wedding ideas into the wedding ceremony or reception. You could choose to have a white and green wedding, for example, and purchase your floral arrangements and chapel decorations in this color. There are many ways to incorporate color into other wedding ideas, and following a few tips can help you to lay out a good time for everyone involved.


Start by picking your wedding stationary in your chosen colors. Themed stationary is one of those wedding ideas that have caught on, so you will find many printers willing to put your ideas into practice. For example, if you were intending to have a green and white wedding, you could have green paper and white or silver lettering, and then a white and green themed envelope. The stationary is also the perfect place to announce your color-themed wedding ideas to the guests.


The bride may wear a traditional white dress, or she may decide to go with a color-themed wedding dress. If you include white as one of your color-schemes, then neither dress should be too much of a clash with the other colors, although you may have to contend with women turning up in a white dress: there's always one!

The groom can get into the spirit of things as well, with color-themed suits. For a green and white theme, for example, he could wear a green tie, and his groomsmen could even appear in green tops-and-tails. The best man can put the ring in a green and white packet.


Inside the church, floral decorations can be laid out in your colors. If you have chosen very bright colors, make sure that they do not overpower the ceremony, or the bride and groom. Keep color decorations in the church or chapel modest, and be sure to clear away everything after the ceremony is ended.

At the reception, you can cover the room in your color theme, if you have the time and money. The color theme could also be limited to the tables and one wall. Table cloths should be in at least one of the colors, with centerpieces and table accessories in the other. If you were having a green and white wedding, for example, you could have a white tablecloth, with green centerpieces, or even a green cloth and white table decorations.

Food and drink

You might choose to accompany your wedding theme by having food and drink in the chosen colors. It should not be difficult to find cocktails in the right colors, and so long as you choose a suitable mix of colors, some food can also be made to match the theme.


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