4 Different Designs for a Shower Seat

A shower seat is a useful bathroom installation. This simple feature allows you to sit as you shower and eliminate the safety hazard of falling in the shower. It adds to the comfort and functionality of the bathroom. The various designs invariably consist of a seat and legs or a base to support you. They are all made of water repellent materials. Below are 4 of the more common seat designs.

1. Freestanding Shower Seat

This may be a chair, stool or bench that is portable. The chair variety resembles a simple, straight-backed chair. It may be equipped with arms or be without. The shower chair is easily removed from the shower when some other person prefers not to use it. Stools or benches do not have back support.

2. Permanent Shower Seat

This is a permanent fixture of the shower. It is used where all family members prefer to use a seat in the shower. The seat is constructed in the shower stall and covered with granite, marble or ceramic.

3. Retractable Seat

This is a hinged seat attached to the shower walls. It swings down and locks in place when needed. After use, you simply return to its position against the wall.

4. Wheeled Shower Seats

They are also known as commode chairs. These are designed for people with disabilities. The seat is easily wheeled in and out of the shower as needed. Wheels have swivel ability and safety locks.