4 Different Stamped Concrete Patterns 4 Different Stamped Concrete Patterns

If you want to decorate your driveway, sidewalk or other area, sections of stamped concrete patterns are an easy and beautiful way to do it. Besides being a popular and simple way to brighten up an area, stamped concrete patterns also come in a multitude of styles and patterns. Here are just a few of the different types of stamped concrete patterns you can choose from:

1. Stone Patterns

Stone patterns are one of the common types of stamped concrete patterns. They come in many different styles, such as random interlocking, single stone, fan pattern and rectangle patterns. A random interlocking panel is when the pattern includes different sizes of rectangular shapes that meet at different angles to make one big section of the stone shape. The rectangular shapes “interlock” into each other, thus the name. Single stone pattern is just what it sounds like; each section of the concrete is a single color and texture. Fan patterns have varying shapes and sizes of little squares that “fan” out over the concrete tile to form the design on it. The corners of this type of pattern are usually rounded in shape, so this pattern is perfect for you if you want a rounded design on your driveway or floor. Rectangle patterns have a number of rectangular shapes that cover the stone in either stacked even rows, or it can be stacked in uneven rows, depending on the desired effect.

2. Brick Patterns

Another type of stamped concrete patterns are brick patterns. Styles of brick patterns include stacked, soldier, basket weave, and herringbone. For instance, stacked pattern is one that the pattern on the tile looks just like an even stacked row of bricks. Soldier patterned tiles have lines of tall rectangular strips that look somewhat like soldiers standing in a row, thus their name. They can be found in several colors and textures. Basket weave patterns are tiny little squares that make up the tile and are arranged in varying ways and resemble the outside pattern of a weaved basket. Herringbone brick pattern tiles are arranged in patterns of L-shaped little bricks all over the tile. All of these come in many different colors and textures.

3. Wood Patterns

If you want concrete tiles that look like wood, then there are some that you can buy that look just like the patterns you see in a wooden floor. These wood patterns come in varieties such as pine and cedar simulations. Pine wood patterned tiles have the look, feel and color of a pine wood floor. They are shaped like wooden planks and once placed on your floor, you can barely tell the difference. The same goes for cedar patterned tiles, which are formed to look and feel just like cedar wood.

4. Special Shaped Tile Patterns

Two examples of this type of stamped concrete pattern are cobblestone and sandstone. Sandstone stamped concrete patterns have the consistency and look of real sandstone slate tiles. The edges are shaped to look like natural slate and can be either rounded or straight, depending on the shape desired. Cobblestone patterned tiles take on the style and texture you would expect to see on an old-fashioned cobblestone road. They are also available in several colors.

Stamped concrete patterns are available in so many styles that you may have trouble choosing one, but it's certain that whatever you choose will add value and beauty to your home.

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