4 Different Types of Beadboard Furniture

brown beadboard

Beadboard furniture is easy to assemble and affordable. Combine that with the aesthetic appeal, and it's no wonder more consumers are choosing beadboard furniture over many traditional furniture options. You can buy or make just about any furniture using bead boards, by applying panels or through beadboard detailing. Here are four examples of the different types of beadboard furniture available for purchase or to build yourself:

1. Beadboard End Table

You can build or purchase an end table that's 19 inches wide x 24 inches high x 18 inches deep. The ones with a white finish are classics and if you're an antique lover, you'll like the look and feel of a beard board end table. One of the more affordable and popular finishes for these end tables are ones made of medium-density fiberboard.

2. Beadboard Entertainment Center

white beadboard

Replacing your old wooden entertainment center with one made with beadboard can help to update the decor of your living or family room. While these are still made of hardwood, the beadboard panels give it a more impressive look. These also come in a medium-density fiberboard finish, and the typical measurements are 39 inches wide x 62 inches high x 22 inches deep.

3. Beadboard Bed

Beadboard furniture works well in the bedroom and can be great for kids. For example, LL Bean sells a North Haven Bed with kids in mind, made with beadboard style headboards. It has a lacquer finish to make the bed more durable, and the bed is made from solid birch. They come in a variety of sizes with the following measurements:

Twin: 41x42 inches x 79 inches long

Full: 47x57 x 79 inches long

Queen: 47x63 inches x 85 inches long

They're also built with a wood platform, eliminating the need to use box springs. The platform can be raised to the desired height.

4. Beadboard Wide Dressers

The combination of beadboard panels and wide dressers makes for a great storage solution. PB Teen carries one that is made of six drawers, plus a central wide cabinet with a shelf that you can adjust. It measures 63.5 inches wide x 20.5 inches long x 33 inches high and has a medium-density fiberboard finish with veneer. You have to dust it often to maintain it and place it in a room where it doesn't come into direct contact with sunlight.

Whether it's the detailing or panels, beadboard furniture is a better choice for furniture if you want to give a room an organic look. They can also be less expensive, lightweight and they're easier to assemble than other furniture. If you're just testing the waters, start small, like with an end table, and work your way up over time.