4 Different Types of Lawn Rollers Explained

Lawn rollers are one of the essential lawn maintenance equipments available. They come in handy when you need to lay down sod or seed a new lawn. The machines are also useful when you have to flatten the ground so as to achieve better results when you mow. The roller resembles a drum with handles at the top used to maneuver the tool. While the lighter models can be used by hand, it is best to attach heavier models to a garden tractor. When pulled along by the tractor, you’re able to work without being too physical exerted. Rollers come in different sizes and materials as outlined below.

1.  Steel Lawn Roller

It is made of steel which gives it long durability. Steel rollers are also regarded as some of the most efficient. The heavier material exerts great pressure on the lawn which enables it to flatten very well. However, they require quite a bit of effort to work with as well as to transport. A better way to work with the steel roller is to attach it to the rear end of a garden tractor. This makes it less strenuous to use. Steel rollers also have a high durability compared to some other materials. However, when used in a wet environment, the possibility of rust and corrosion increases.

2.  Plastic Lawn Roller

This is one of the cheapest models available. Plastic rollers work okay for light jobs and smaller yards. The lightweight nature of the material makes them easier to push or pull. However, they are not very efficient for heavy jobs or large areas. High job stress causes the plastic material to snap easily.

3.  Poly Lawn Roller

A special type of plastic is used to make these rollers. This gives them higher durability than the ordinary plastic rollers. You have to fill poly rollers with water or sand when you need to roll. The water adds to the weight of the roller which enables it to flatten the lawn when rolled. Once you complete your work you drain off the contents. This allows you to transport and store the roller more easily. Poly rollers can be used on large areas. They also work well when you need to lay a lawn or a flower bed. The rollers also have a high resistance to rust. You can use them in wet environments without any detrimental effects on the material.

4.  Concrete Lawn Roller

This is made of concrete or stone. Like the steel rollers, concrete material makes one of the most efficient rollers. The heavyweight material is ideal to flatten lawns and flower beds on small and large areas. Concrete is more durable than steel as it isn’t affected by rust. The other advantage of concrete rollers is that you can use them in wet environments without any adverse effects on the roller. On the downside, concrete rollers are extremely heavy. This may cause difficulties when you have to transport. It is easier to work with these rollers when attached to a garden tractor.