4 Different Types of Spray Adhesives

Spray adhesives are sprayed onto an object as opposed to being poured or wiped on. They are used in many industries, professions, homes and schools. You can buy a multitude of different types of spray adhesives in different strengths. In order to purchase the right adhesive, you need to choose the correct type.

Artist Spray Adhesives

This specific type of spray adhesive is used by artists working with lightweight materials, including regular paper, poster paper, construction paper and others. Artist adhesive allows you to move your work, reposition it and reapply it many times to achieve whatever design you want. It works well if you want to design layouts, presentations, photo projects or any other artistic project that doesn't require a permanent bond.

Foam Spray Adhesives

There are many different types of foam adhesives designed to fit with different types of projects. The most common use for foam spray adhesive is in use with Styrofoam boards or projects, as the foam adhesive blends in with the Styrofoam. It is also widely used in crafts involving artificial flower arrangements, wreaths, and miniature cities and train stations. Also, a softer foam spray adhesive is used in upholstery to make it soft and buoyant at the same time. You see this type of foam a lot in window displays and decorations. It comes in different colors and textures and can be found mostly at craft stores.

Photo Spray Adhesives

This type of spray adhesive is designed specifically for scrapbooking, and for use with pictures of all shapes and sizes. The spray comes out thin so it doesn't ruin the photos. You can also readjust if needed within a certain amount of time before the glue fully dries. This product is also good to use in photo albums and in family photo gifts on special occasions. Some people even spray this adhesive over posters and maps to create a makeshift laminated cover to prevent it from tearing and getting messed up. This is one of the most inexpensive types of spray adhesive available.

General Spray Adhesives

This category contains the most-used types of spray adhesives, which range from quick-drying products to vapor barriers under flooring. Also, the strongest adhesives are in this category; these are used to put laminates on countertops, tables and furniture. You use tint adhesives when you need to know exactly where you're putting the adhesive. And you use rubber and vinyl spray adhesives on leather, plastic, vinyl, wood and other materials. Prices vary in this category from inexpensive to very expensive, depending on the project and the amount of adhesive you purchase.

This general field is really just a combination of many different independent spray adhesives that were combined so consumers like you could find them more quickly.