4 Different Uses for Split Bolts

Split bolts.

Split bolts are bolts that have a split between the head of the bolt and the end. They are designed to allow for things to be placed through the bolt. This is helpful in industrial and home applications when a wire or pipe needs to be secured through the bolt itself. Split bolts can be used in many applications. Here are just a few.

1. Cable Lines

Everyone likes to set up their homes and furniture in their own way. Cable lines aren't always installed in convenient ways. If you are planning on setting up a home entertainment system and need access to a cable line that isn't in a good place, you will need to reroute the cable line. Using split bolts can solve this issue. The bolts can be placed along the baseboards, or under the baseboards and run to a convenient area.

The cable line will stay secure, and the split bolt will allow for the passage of the cable without damaging the line. The line will also stay in place, out of the way, and out of sight if done correctly. It's more common to see staples used for this, but the split bolts will allow you to splice multiple lines together if you need to do so.

2. Telephone Lines

Telephone lines can present the same issues as the cable lines can. In older homes it's not uncommon to only see one phone jack installed in the home. If you need to add another line and don't want to go through the time and expense of having another one installed professionally, you can use a splitter on the existing outlet. This will give you another outlet. You can use split bolts to secure the split line as you run it to where you want the second phone. Using this method will allow you to splice several cords into one without affecting the quality of the line itself.

3. Splicing Wires

Split bolts are more commonly used to hold splices together. Two wires can be spliced into one by using a split bolt. The two ends of the wire are placed in the bolt, and the split is clamped down on the wires creating a connection. This is useful when working with wiring in large appliances, electronic devices, or home wiring. For example, a home theater may require cords that are longer than what you can find easily in the store. A split bolt connector will allow you to splice another wire to the existing wire, extending its reach without eliminating the power.

4. Connecting Grounds

It may be necessary to connect ground wires in some wiring projects. If you are adding a small structure and plan on using the existing power source from your home, split bolts can be used to connect ground wires if they need to be extended. Split bolts can be found in different materials suitable for grounding purposes.