4 Dollar Tree DIYs

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They're all over TikTok, Pinterest, Instagram, and your next-door neighbor's mantle—Dollar Tree DIYs. These are crafts you can tackle using (almost exclusively) items from your local dollar store. Made popular on social media, dollar DIYs offer a fun, inexpensive way to upgrade your home decor with a personal touch.

Dollar DIY Tips

Some bargain tricks look better on Instagram than they do in real life, so pick wisely. If the craft seems too good to be true, it probably is. We like to double-check the DIY by seeing if multiple posters have successfully completed the project.

Another tip—it may be worth it to add a second or third dollar to some projects. Buying textured spray paint will run you more than a dollar at Walmart, but using a material like that can take your vase flip up another notch, potentially adding a stone texture, for example. A few savvy upgrades can help set your DIY apart from the rest and make your project look mrore professional.

Our last tip is to check the supply requirements. If you need twenty things from the dollar store for your project, you may be better off upcycling a thrifted vase instead. Sure, you can still do the DIY if you're in it for the experience, but if you want to save money, these DIYs can add up deceptively fast, so tally up your materials before you hit the aisles.

Ring Stacked Vase

wood rings on yellow background

If your dollar store sells wooden rings, you're in luck. Pick up a narrow glass vase, enough wood rings to stack and cover the vase, and some glue. Make sure your glass vase fits inside the rings before you check out.

Once you're home, start by gluing the bottom ring to the glass and then continue to stack the rings on the glass, attaching them to the other rings and the vase all the way up.

When the stack has dried, you can paint it or decorate with it. We love this Dollar Tree DIY because it's inexpensive and has the potential to look high-end. You can make a few different heights to look like you walked into Pottery Barn and bought a set.

Baking Soda Vase

Speaking of vases, we hopped on the baking soda paint TikTok trend and loved what we were able to create. Take acrylic paint, baking soda, and a little mod podge, and mix it all together until your paint is thick and textured. Then slowly layer the paint onto a dollar store vase.

The layers will build up and look like clay or stone. This DIY is a little flaky (after it dries) so we do recommend spraying it with a project sealer to avoid the fallout.

Marbled Mugs

marbled mug with the letters Mrs. on it

Marbled mugs are another fun DIY trend that we loved making and gifting. You need dollar store mugs that are oven safe, nail polish, and water. We also used tape on our mugs to tape a clean line so that we only marbled half the mug. To make these mugs, fill a bowl with warm water and draw a nail polish design in the water that looks like marble.

Then, carefully dip your mug into the polish and water, allowing the polish to stick to the mug. You can let your nail polish air dry, or if your mug is oven-safe, you can set the polish on a low setting in your oven.

Decorative Bowls

Find two bowls at your local dollar store and create a combo that would look cool when the two bottoms are glued together. The point of this DIY is to create a fun piece of decor by combining two bowls to make a more intricate-looking piece. Once you find bowls that you want to glue together, glue them with a strong adhesive and let them dry all the way.

Then paint your bowls using the baking soda method, chalk paint, or spray paint so that the creation looks like it's always been that way. The better you can blend the two bowls, the more professional the piece will look.

Now that you've got a few ideas, get dollar DIYing!