4 Dorm Loft Plans to Consider

  • Intermediate

Dorm loft plans are a vital consideration for any dorm room. You can never have enough space and loft beds allow for that much needed extra space. There are loft plans that accommodate anything from dressers to workstations. Workstations will be the most used in dorm rooms as it allows a virtual office to be built underneath it.

Plan #1 - Workstations

You can buy already assembled loft beds with a built-in workstation underneath, these can be a bit on the pricey side so comparison shopping is in order. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can purchase a loft bed and design your workstation underneath it. You will need to find a desk with low clearance to assure it fit under the loft bed, you will also need to consider the size of your computer and similar college dedicated gadgets. From there, you can also add shelving, a file cabinet, and storage bins. This loft plan is for a dedicated student who needs more space to study and work.

Plan #2 - Lounge Areas

A favorite plan among college students is for a lounge area. You can place a chair or two underneath so that you can watch television or play video games. Under the loft in this case would serve a make-shift living area. You could also place your mini-refrigerator underneath and save space that way as well. This loft plan is for the college student he really needs some downtime every night.

Plan #3 - Dressing Area

A dressing area for those college students, who have a lot in the way of clothing and accessories, is ideal for a loft bed. You can fit must dressers underneath the bed as well as shelves for shoes. You might also consider using the dresser top as a place to store your books or movies.

Plan #4 - Individuality

Add some spunk to your loft plans by adding sheer curtains, this works particularly well if you are going to use the Lounge area, loft plans. You can close the curtains and have a sense of privacy as most dorm rooms are occupied by two students. You can also opt for the bead curtains; they add a lot of funky personality to any loft plan.

The loft bed opens the window of space for so many students around the country. Space is limited in dorm rooms and capitalizing on the amount of space provided is crucial for any and all college students. You can buy yours, pre-made or you can design yours, all by your lonesome. Designing your own plan allows you to decide, what goes where, and add what you choose to the plan. You will also have a better opportunity to add your curtains, as pre-made loft bed plans do not allow the spaces needed to hang curtains. Owning a loft bed has many advantages, the most important would be that of saving space. You can maximize the efficiency of any tiny dorm room by adding this popular bed.