4 Drafting Table Options

Drafting tables are great for the professional drafter, architect, artist and even work great for different classroom and studio settings. There are so many different types of drafting tables that you can choose from. There are heavy tables and tables that are constructed as a lightweight option for easy moving. Many of the tables come with flexible functions and are made with some great high quality materials. There is a drafting table option for everyone. Consider some of the choices below.

Adjustable Folding Tables

This type of table is really an economical choice. It is easy to setup and use and can be applicable for any different setting. Since the table has folding features and options, it can be altered and adjusted to fit the height of the person that will primarily use the table. Some of the tables will allow for you to adjust it anywhere between 30 inches and 45 inches. This type of table tends to work best for home offices and for places where you need to be able to set up and take it down at a moment's notice.

Split-Level Drafting Table

A split-level drafting table is great when you need to be able to have a desk with multiple heights. The table is fully adjustable. You can elevate the workspace to your height needs and you have the ability to use multiple work areas and shelving units since it is designed with more than one drafting level. Because of the multiple levels, you can easily organize your supplies into different areas.

The top level can be used as a standing room drafting table whereas the bottom level can be used when sitting down. Most split level drafting tables are made with durable materials and can be easily lowered to make one full flat surface. 

Electric Height Adjustable and Lighted

This is probably the super duper table of all drafting tables. Unlike many other models, this table gives you an ability to change the height easily and quickly. The table looks just like any other traditional drafting table and can be ordered in multiple different types of wood and frame types. What is even better is that it lights up. The background of the table illuminates while you work on your drafting project. In many models, you will find a lightbox and a translucent diffuser panel that will help you control the amount of light. The clear glass panel helps to push the light through to your paper. There are often many different controls that will also give you the ability to control the light.

Stowaway and Portable

This type of drafting table is one of the smallest, lightest and easiest to put up and take down. In fact, just pull up on a couple of the hinges and you will be able to fold the table up and take it with you from location to location. You will certainly be able to draw your landscape and subjects in their natural beauty by picking up and taking your table with you.