4 Easy Projects with Self Adhesive Mirror Tiles 4 Easy Projects with Self Adhesive Mirror Tiles

There are many projects that can be done with self adhesive mirror tiles. In the past it was common for mirror tiles to be used strictly in the bathroom but they no longer have to stay there. If you want to spruce up something in your home or create a special homemade gift for someone then consider using mirror tiles. Projects that use self adhesive mirror tiles can be done in under a day, and even in a few hours, with the final project looking classy and elegant. The projects that follow are easy to do, inexpensive and most use items you already own. Try one, two or more this weekend to see just how easy it is to use mirror tiles as more than just a bathroom application.

Mirrored Headboard

A bed can be very ornate with wood carvings and fantastic stains. If the headboard you are using is somewhat flat or has raised sections then consider using mirror tiles to spruce the headboard up. Arrange the mirror tiles around the headboard until it is solid with them. Mirror tiles can be cut using etching tools and a rubber mallet. Doing this can allow you to place mirror tiles around curved edges.

Disco Ball

The 70's were a fun era and nothing quite screams disco like a glass ball. This is fairly easy to make as you can make it out of a Styrofoam ball. You can also use rubber, glass, plastic or porcelain as long as it is smooth. Peel off the adhesive backing and start placing the mirror tiles around the equator of the object. When you start the next layer place the mirror tiles off center with the first set. Continue placing mirror tiles until you cannot place any others on the ball.

Nature Reflections Wind Chime

You can do this project in an afternoon to make a beautiful outdoor piece. Small mirror tiles should be used and you'll also need backing cardboard (like you would find in picture frames), ribbon, watercolors, brushes, polyethylene, thick wire, soldering materials and glue. Form several rings with the wire and solder them together to make any shape that you like. Attach each ring together with wire between the shapes. Cut pieces of ribbon to various lengths and set aside. Use the mirror tiles as templates and cut the cardboard to match then glue a piece of ribbon to the cardboard in the top center. Affix the mirror tiles to the cardboard sandwiching the ribbon. Now paint designs of leaves, tress, animals and the like on to the mirror tiles and when dry add a coat of polyethylene. Tie the mirror tiles to the metal wire and hang it outside.

Mirrored Vase

This project requires some safety precautions. Use protective glasses and thick gloves when doing this project. You will need mirror tiles, rubber mallet, vase and glue. Lay the mirror tiles face down on a surface and break them with the mallet. Carefully remove the backing and place the pieces on the vase until it is covered.

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