4 Easy Ways to Make Carp Bait

Carp bait comes in as many forms and flavors as there are fishermen. It’s seldom that two fishermen will agree on the best method of catching any fish. Each person has their own individual secret method and when it comes to making the bait, the same story arises. At the end of the day the carp decides what morsel it will bite and what it won’t.

1: Boilies

Many a housewife has despaired as her husband cooked up his secret mixture of boilie bait on her stove. Carp bait tends to consist of flour, honey, salt, yellow corn meal, sugar and vanilla or other flavorings. By boiling it on the stove, it will start to gel into a solid form. When it gets to the gelling stage it is important to remove it from the heat immediately so it won't get too hard and dry out. When it is cool enough, roll it into balls which will be placed on the hooks. For a bit of variation you can add color to the mixture as the color helps to attach the fish.

2: Boilies 2

Fish have the ability to smell. Fact of the matter is if you add flavorings to the boilies you will attract more fish. One of carps' favorite flavors is butterscotch. Adding different flavors to your basic boilies recipe can get you additional bites. One of the main secrets is to have a firm enough mixture to adhere to the fishhook while it's not too firm to be manipulated onto the hook.

3: Consider What Carp Normally Eat

When you consider what carps' normal diet would be if you weren’t feeding them your bait, you are left with grubs, water bugs and weeds. They require a diet that contains salt, sugar, and proteins. The algae in the water are a rich source of food for them and you might consider adding some to your next batch of carp bait. You might also consider adding peanut butter to the mixture. It’s a high source of protein which will attract carp.

4: Another Mixture for Boilies

This formula is a little more involved, but a firm favorite of many anglers. This mixture requires the following basic ingredients: semolina, powdered rice and soya flour. These three items are mixed dry together with your color powder in a bag and stored in a freezer until required. When you are ready to make your carp bait, break some eggs into a bowl, add your flavors and mix everything with a fork. Gradually add the dry mix to the egg mixture until you have porridge. When it’s sufficiently thick to mold with your hands, make a long sausage shape. Cut it into even pieces and then roll them into balls. They are now ready to boil. Bring water to a boil and using a sieve, boil bait rolls a few at a time. Not too many at a time, as the temperature of the water needs to remain at the boiling point. After a couple of minutes remove the sieve and empty the boilies onto paper towels to dry. Once they have cooled off, you can place them in a plastic bag and freeze your carp bait.