4 Electric Central Heating Safety Tips to Consider 4 Electric Central Heating Safety Tips to Consider

Electric Central Heating systems operate by using a main furnace generally located in the garage or basement which transforms electricity into heat by use of heating elements. The warm air is eventually pumped into the air ducts or vents found around your house. A very important advantage of the electric heating system versus the gas system is the fact that it does not produce carbon monoxide which can be a very strong health risk. However, like everything else, electric central heating systems require safety precautions that might actually save your life.

1. Appropriate Placement

Taking the adequate measures to keep your house safe when using an electric central heating system is imperative and you can ensure a much safer environment for you and your family with very simply observations. First of all since it is an electricity-based appliance, you should always have it placed in an area without humidity to avoid problems; if you have humidity problems, try to insulate the room or use a dehumidifier. Moreover, you should make sure that the appliance itself is very well-aired and that the surrounding area of the heating system is not overcrowded. Keep in mind that objects, especially flammable ones, placed in close proximity to the furnace might create overheating and result in a fire.

2. Keep Any Water Sources Away

Since the heating system functions by electricity you should keep any water sources away from it, even from the surface. So keep in mind to never touch the heating unit with wet hands since that might cause electric shocks. It is also very important not to have any wiring close to a water source or water pipes. It is important to never install water pipes and electrical wiring close to each other inside a wall because if there are any leaks you would not notice.

3. Regular Checking and Maintenance of Your Home's Wiring

Another very important safety precaution is to regularly check your wiring for any faults. If any wire is scratched or uncovered immediately take the necessary actions to cover it, thus avoiding electric shocks. Moreover, it is very important not to use an overloaded circuit. Since electric central heating systems need very high voltage to function it is imperative not to have many other appliances on the same circuit because this might cause an electric overload resulting in a fire. So it is always important to check faulty wiring and to never overload your electricity circuits.

4. It Holds a Valid Safety Certificate

It is imperative to make sure that the actual appliance is safe, so when buying an electric central heating system ask for its safety certificate. If you are renting a house or an apartment you should ask for an electric safety certificate. Your landlord should make sure that regular inspections are undertaken and that the proper certificate is awarded for the safety of the tenants.

These are among the most basic safety tips to keep in mind when it comes to electric central heating systems. However, even if they are very basic, they are the most important safety precautions because most accidents are caused due to carelessness which can be avoided if these simple tips are observed.

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