4 Electric Radiant Floor Heating Pros and Cons

Electric radiant floor heating is commonly being installed in houses across the world. This type of heating can provide several advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons of electric radiant floor heating.

1. Discreetness

This type of heating is known for being very discreet. The heat will simply emanate from the floor and there will be no loud heaters running or air vents blowing. This makes it a more comfortable and enjoyable way to heat a room.

2. Reduce Costs

If you utilize electric radiant floor heating, you can reduce the overall costs to heat your home. You will not have to run your regular heating system as much with this on.

3. Needs to Be Installed Initially

This type of system is very hard to install after you have already built a house. Therefore, you need to ideally have it installed when you build a home. Otherwise, you may have to break up the concrete in order to put it into place.

4. Difficult Repairs

Since the electric radiant floor heating system will be located under the floor, it can be very difficult to repair. Even something simple like a short in a wire becomes difficult when you have to break into concrete to access it.