4 Essential Air Conditioning Repair Tools 4 Essential Air Conditioning Repair Tools

There are a number of air conditioning tools that are necessary to do maintenance and repair work on an air conditioning system.

1 - The Basics

There is a set of basic tools that are necessary for air conditioning work. This set includes screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, wire strippers, hammers and a level.

2 - The Detectors

Air conditioning systems can experience leaks. In order to detect such problems it is necessary to have a variety of specialized detection tools. These tools are contained in detection kits and include probes, dyes and sensors.

3 - The Pumps

Pumps are needed to empty air conditioning charges and refill them. The charges contain some dangerous refrigerant gases. These gases can be hazardous to people and the environment. They need to be taken care of properly and safely. Recovery pumps carefully and safely remove the gases from the air conditioning unit. They also store the gases properly until they can be disposed of in a secure manner. Charging cylinders refill the air conditioning system with new refrigerant gases. The proper amount and safe release of the gases from these cylinders into the unit is ensured through a charging meter device.

4 - The Metalworkers

Air conditioning systems have many parts that are constructed with metal. Metalwork tools are necessary in with this material. The metalworking tools include: metal snips, pipe cutters, flaring tools, soldering irons and blow torches.

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