4 Essential RV Kitchen Supplies

Traveling can be stressful, but making meals can be easy with a properly equipped RV kitchen. RV kitchens are small by nature, so keeping only the essential items can keep things as easy and simple as possible. Here are a few items not to be overlooked.

Can Opener

This simple supply can make life either easy or incredibly difficult. Because it so commonly used at home, it can easily be overlooked as a necessity. Make sure the can opener in the RV is not only present, but also works well enough that it won't be a hassle.


While traveling, many of the foods you eat come prepackaged. Don't dull your knives by cutting open packaging. Having a pair of scissors handy can greatly cut down of frustrations while trying to prepare meals.

Multipurpose Bowls

With limited space, every item that is stored needs to do double duty. Having bowls that are microwave safe, oven safe and refrigerator safe will not only minimize the number of supplies needed, but can make cooking easier while on vacation.

Folding Dry Rack

Folding dish drying racks save time after eating for much more enjoyable ventures. A folding rac collapses when not in use, saving space.