4 Extra Home Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen 4 Extra Home Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

If you have a lot of kitchen utensils, appliances or other items, you may need to come up with innovative new home storage solutions, in order to be able to hold everything. Keeping your kitchen items collected in an appropriate, secure, and easy to access fashion is one of the keys to maintaining a tidy and functioning kitchen space. Fortunately, there are several different ways of creating storage space in your kitchen, where you may not have had space previously.

1. Under Counter Space

Take a look at the counters in your kitchen. Many kitchen counters have open space beneath them. One of the best things to do with this space is outfit it with receptacles for various items. While many people use this space under the counter for garbage or recycling collection, you can also put in movable drawer setups and other storage units, to help hold additional utensils, appliances and other kitchen items. Ensure that you have easy access to any drawer or other item that you may need.

2. Overhead Space

If there are open walls in your kitchen, consider adding additional storage space above your head. You can either add cabinets or, if you're concerned about the overall openness of the kitchen, and wish to keep a larger area free, install free floating shelves. You can use these shelves to spice up the appearance of the kitchen, by adding in artwork or other decorative elements, or you can store additional kitchen items on these shelves as well. Be careful, however, that you install shelving or cabinets only in areas in which they will be fully accessible, and where items will not be able to drop.

3. Refrigerator Space

Examine the refrigerator in your kitchen. Most kitchens have a built in space for a refrigerator, though you may be able to purchase a different refrigerator that will be smaller than that full space. If you have empty room in your fridge, and you need more storage space, consider whether purchasing a smaller refrigerator to replace your current one will help to free up any space in that dedicated refrigerator nook. You can also move the existing refrigerator to another part of the home, freeing up a great deal of space in the kitchen for other storage opportunities.

4. Maximizing Cabinet Space

Kitchen cabinets are the primary way for storing items in a kitchen. In order to fully make the most of the space that you have for storage in your kitchen space, however, you'll need to know how to maximize your cabinet usage. Consider removing unnecessary items and placing them elsewhere, or building a dedicated pantry space elsewhere in the home for food storage. This can free up much needed space in the cabinets for other items that you need to store as well. Rethink the way that you organize the items in your cabinets, to ensure that you are making the best use of the space.

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