4 Fast, Simple Outdoor Repairs

person pouring black sealant onto driveway near brush

You don’t have to spend a lot of time, energy, and money to make a big impact with DIY projects. When it comes to your outdoor areas, you can do plenty of things quickly to keep them looking beautiful and functioning perfectly.

It’s not always easy to get those big landscaping projects done or install a whole new stone grill, because that stuff can be super time-consuming. But there are many fast, simple ways to improve how your outdoor areas look and function that won’t take a lot of time or energy.

1. Sealing a Driveway

Unless your driveway is pretty long, you can usually re-seal it all yourself in a single day. Wait for a day that's nice and dry. Clean the driveway, rinsing it off very well with mild soap and water. Repair any cracks using a filler and allow this to dry overnight (about 24 hours) if needed.

Working in a small area o the driveway, start sealing it by placing a new layer of smooth blacktop on op. Work with precision, ensuring that the blacktop is applied in an even, level coat with each area of the driveway you complete.

Stay off the driveway for about 24 hours to allow it to dry thoroughly. Once it’s all done, the driveway will look practically new.

2. Sealing Wood

mop brush spreading brown sealant on deck boards

Your deck and wood fencing will need regular maintenance in order to keep looking good and maintain resistance to moisture. You will need to seal all wood fences and decking every two to three years, depending on the weather conditions and the amount of wear they take.

Always clean wood well before you seal it and repair any cracks using standard wood filler. Fill the cracks with wood filler and let it sit. You may need to re-apply and allow it to dry again before you sand it down.

Also, sand any rough or splintered areas of wood. Then, you can apply your stain and your sealer and keep that wood looking new and beautiful. Apply as many coats of stain and sealer as needed to get the look you want.

3. Paint the Front Door

hand painting front door with wood paint or stain

Give your home a quick and instant little facelift by painting the front door. This is a quick, easy way to add a pop of color or to brighten up the entrance area. Any color is on the table, from bright white to a pretty pastel to a vivid jewel tone.

You can even paint it black if you like. Simply clean the door well, apply primer and then paint. You may need multiple coats in order to get the look you want. Once it's done, you will notice a difference in the way your entryway looks.

4. Clean the Furniture

gloved hand cleaning outdoor plastic furniture

Outdoor furniture can get very dirty, even over just one winter. Clean your outdoor furniture thoroughly. All cushions should be washed, too.

If the furniture is chipped and peeling, you may want to think about repainting it. Use a pressure washer or sander to remove all the old paint and then apply spray paint or special outdoor furniture paint. This will give you the freedom to make your outdoor furniture any color you want, which can be a lot of fun.

You can even get creative and do something like wrap furniture in washi tape, rather than paint it, just to get a really different look.

Fast and Simple

There are probably all sorts of big projects you might want to complete for your outdoor areas, stuff that you’re going to get around to when you have the time. But for now, there are plenty of little ways you can improve and repair your outdoor living spaces to keep them looking wonderful.

Great outdoor spaces increase your home’s curb appeal and they make it a lot nicer when it’s time to enjoy being outside.