4 Faux Wood Molding Design Tips

Faux wood molding came about due to the popularity of crown molding, which adds class and a finished look to any home. Faux wood molding is easier to work with than real wood, and it is less susceptible to weather damage and moisture. This type of molding is also less expensive than traditional wood. Faux wood can be more than just molding around the ceiling and the floor. Read on to learn other ways to use faux wood molding in your home.

Wall Panels

Years ago, the walls in a home were split up in panels. Essentially, you would use faux wood molding spanning from the ceiling to the floor instead of along the ceiling and floor. This creates a break in a long hallway or gives a shorter one the appearance of space. The faux wood molding is installed and then painted. The wall can be painted before or after the faux wood molding is installed. A faux wood molding that is flat with minimal design elements work best for this design.

Mirror Renovation

Many older homes will feature large bathroom or wall mirrors. To stay stylish and current, these mirrors are often better removed and replaced. Removing a mirror of this size is usually very difficult because they are usually glued to the wall and taking them down will damage the wall and break the mirror. The ideal solution is to break up the monotony of the large mirror by breaking up the size using paint and faux wood molding. Trim the faux wood molding to fit the size of the mirror and simply glue it to the mirror. Assemble the faux wood molding as you would on a wall.

Living Mural

This is a fun design technique that can really add character to your home. To open up space in the home, you can cut holes through wall that are not part of the support structure. This type of design is a nice addition to a home office. You are able to get a cross breeze which helps with heating and cooling cost.

Another benefit is that you can see and enjoy more of your home. You would create the hole in the wall using all of the proper tools. It needs to be as square as you can make it as long as the sides are straight. On the inside of the room you can simply finish off the edges and make it nice. On the outside of the room you would frame the hole using the faux wood molding.

Window Frames

Most windows frames in a home are generic and boring wood frames. They serve the purpose in which they were designed for but they do not have to be bland. Using faux wood molding is a way to give old windows new life and they're easy to install.