4 Features to Look for when Buying a Cordless Electric Drill 4 Features to Look for when Buying a Cordless Electric Drill

You’re going to the neighborhood home improvement warehouse to buy a cordless electric drill. The four features described here will help you choose the best cordless drill for your needs.

1. Power

Cordless drills come in a variety of power ratings. These ratings relate to the voltage supplied by the battery pack. The most popular is 18 volts. The next level down is 14.4 volts. The ideal drill will be 18 volt. This will give it more than enough power to do every around the house job possible.

2. Chuck Size and Type

There are two sizes of chucks available. The first 1 is 3/8 inch. This is to be ignored. A 3/8-inch chuck won’t fit enough tools and bits. The ideal chuck will be ½ inch. After size, there are keyless chucks and keyed chucks. A keyed chuck requires a key to insert or remove tools. You want to look for a keyless chuck.

3. Magnetic Base

A magnetic base will securely hold your screws in a very easy to reach location.

4. Level

A built-in level will help you make sure your work is at right angles to the surface being drilled or screwed into.

This article has listed four of the more prominent features on all the most popular cordless drills.

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